A fun little project that shows off my comedic writing abilities.

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Created by

Jim McDougald

Nerdy Girls Rule is a half hour single camera comedy about four gloriously crazy, hilariously irreverent and highly intelligent women in the tech-industry whose friendship makes them unstoppable and indestructible.

Regina (Reggie), Fiona (Fifi), Emily and Caroline are best friends in their mid to late twenties living in an unnamed city.

They have lived in the same apartment building for years and while many things about their lives are in constant flux, their core friendship is the solid foundation they depend on. Life is generally pretty good for them, and they always have each other to turn to when things aren’t so good.

Things are about to change for the four best friends however, as their lives take some complicated turns. Roommates Reggie and Fifi have been nearly inseparable since university, but their relationship is about to hit a rough patch over Reggie’s tendency to mother Fifi and criticize her seemingly reckless decisions, and Fifi’s need to live life at light-speed regardless of the chaos that may ensue. Caroline is about to experience love for the first time in her very lonely life, just as usually hyper-confident Emily struggles under the crushing weight of unrequited infatuation and a failed career.

Their friendship has weathered many storms, but as these young women grow older its true strength will be put to the test.