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“No Return”

by J. McDougald

The muscles in Paul’s legs were starting to burn nicely now as he jogged along the side of the road that snaked its way through the woods towards the town of Bowcraft. The late afternoon sunlight filtered through the trees as the man ran, Molly the golden lab loping along beside him. The evening air was rapidly cooling so he partly unzipped his light jacket, reached inside and retrieved a red woolen cap which he pulled over his damp brown hair.

Paul checked his watch as he got to the old bridge and grinned with satisfaction, his hard breathing and light foot-falls on the old asphalt the only sound besides those of the dog at his side and the water in the stream. He looked over at the golden retriever who was effortlessly keeping up with him, Molly the dogs attention was focused on the creek they were passing.

“Makin’ good time Molly Coddle,” Paul said in between breaths as the forty-two year old crossed over Milk Creek, his muscles smoldering wonderfully. “Almost two minutes up,” he said to Molly as she trotted along looking up at him, “not bad for an old guy huh?”

Molly didn’t answer, she never did. She never seemed impressed either, but then again she had it easy, she weighed one third as much and had twice as many legs. Cheater.


It was disappointing that the party hadn’t even made it to seven o’clock before the police shut it down but the four teens were still happy and laughing in the old van as they headed home almost stone sober. The two girls in the front seats smiled and laughed as the two boys directly behind them tickled their sides with darting hands.

“You’re gonna make me crash!” Marla yelled while guiding the old van down the twisty road through the trees, but clearly not wanting Brandon to stop.

In the passenger seat Eve was squealing as her boyfriend Darren reached around both sides of her seat. Marla smirked, guessing his right hand had reached farther around to cop a quick feel on one of Eve’s breasts. She saw Eve whirl around in her seat with shock on her face but lust in her eyes. Marla knew it was an act, they’d been having sex for months now. It was all part of the game, the same one she played with Brandon. You couldn’t just give it to boys, you had to make them earn it, make them jump through a few hoops. That was part of the fun. You had your fun, then they had theirs.

Eve left her seat and threw herself on Darren, in the rear-view mirror she could see them making out furiously. Marla smiled as she saw Brandon’s attention too was on the other two passengers in the vehicle. After a few moments Eve and Darren made their way to the farthest back seat of the van. Watching them Marla could feel herself getting hotter, her heart beating harder.

Brandon leaned forward out of his seat and sunk his face into the right side of her neck, his soft lips hot on her chilled skin. She gasped softly and could feel Brandon smiling.

“Hang on,” she whispered, “the bridge is coming.”

Brandon lifted his face to look out the windshield as the road and trees hurtled by. The bridge was just up ahead and after what felt like an eternity the van floated over it. Brandon smiled and returned to nuzzling Marla’s neck. She smiled and reached back with her right hand to caress Brandon’s leg. School, the party, everything was forgotten. All she wanted to do now was find a secluded stretch of road and make love with Brandon while Eve and Darren were doing it a few seats back. Maybe she would even take Brandon farther back in the van, have sex with him right beside their friends.

He cupped one her breasts with his large hand and she cooed softly, her eyes drifting closed for only a moment.

She was vaguely aware of a loud bang from in front of her and a soft jolt running through the steering wheel into her hands. A moment later Eve was shrieking from the back of the van.