Over the last twenty years I’ve written thousands of pages of material from novels to short stories, screenplays to stageplays. I’m pretty sure I even have a half-finished musical around here somewhere.

My first love has always been writing. In 1997 when I was twenty one years old, the first thing I ever wrote was a terrible short story based in the world of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Of course I immediately followed that with a 400 page novel. While the ideas in that first novel were rock solid, the execution was as solid as a sock full of soup. No matter what the end result of that endeavor was, writing that book revealed something important; I am a writer. Sitting at my kitchen table soaking my aching fingers in a bowl full of ice water after another day writing fifteen or so pages, I knew. Whatever else I may be good at, writing will always bring out the best of me.

You can read more about my written work on the Writing page, with sub-pages for examples of my work including several short stories, and a pilot script and bible for a sitcom.

My other love is level design, which has been a major hobby of mine for even longer than writing.

Doom was released in 1993 and I was hooked immediately. Not only do I still have my Doom 1.1 floppy disks, I was fortunate enough to get them autographed by iD Software employees. When I later discovered that I could install an editing program and *make my own levels* my teenage brain effectively exploded.

It makes sense that I enjoy writing and level design as much as I do, as they are just different sides of the same coin. Level designers are story tellers who weave their tales through environmental design. They tell stories about what has happened, what may happen someday, and what the player may do in the very immediate future. They can completely change the way players feel with a single colored light or one carefully placed shadow.

You can read more about my mapping work on the Level Design page.